TWOK London: The Perfect Wedding Foundation

I knew when I was getting married that I was going to be doing my own make up. I mean I am a makeup artist.

It is one thing working on a client than it is working on yourself. On a Client, you know exactly what foundation your going to use (usually a MAC or a well know brand) or the Client will tell you what they want. However, when your doing your own make up, you become so picky about the foundation and products you will use, to create that perfect look. I don’t know why this is, but you drive yourself completely mad looking for the perfect base. The base is the make or break of the rest of the makeup, you get the base right and everything else will fall into place.

I have to be honest, I have bought 5 different foundations to test during my wedding makeup journey before I discovered TWOK London. I actually come across them at a blogging event, I was really impressed with the formula and the price point, not to mention that the package looks like luxury in a bottle. The lovely ladies representing the Brand, all looked so flawless and so I wanted, no! I needed to have this foundation in my life.

TWOK (The Women of Kolor) is a London based cosmetics company, founded by a pharmacist (so you know the formula will be mixed to perfection), offering a range of products to women of colour. However, they do have a shade range to suit women of a lighter complex as well (Shade 50 being the lights in the range). The foundations retail for £16.99, which is very affordable for the quality that your are getting.

Initially I had bought the shade 90 from TWOK at the blogging event, but this turned out to be a bit light for me. The lovely ladies at TWOK later sent me the shade 110, which is just a bit darker, I have always been an in between shade However, I mixed the two shades together to get my perfect TWOK shade.

I needed to review and test the coverage and durability of this new innovative foundation. I needed to see if it was full coverage, blurred flaws and delivered an air brushed radiant finish. Those were the qualities which I was looking for in my perfect wedding foundation.


This was the first make up look I created with the TWOK foundation (mixing Shade 90 & 110). It was extremely smooth on the skin and blended like a dream. It was full coverage but still build-able and it blurred out all of my blemishes. As you can see from the picture, it photographs beautifully and though it does not claim to be a HD foundation, it definitely has the characteristic of one.

I would go so far as to compare the formula to MAC Studio fix foundation, as it had a smooth, full coverage matte finish but photographs like the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, but for a more affordable price.

I was convinced that this was the foundation I wanted to use for my wedding, I love to try new things and so I opted to use this one. I think it is easy to go for a brand that is well known and has a reputation for being the best in the industry. However, to pick a brand that is still up and coming is a risk, but I like risks and I think that it paid off.


I was extremely happy that the TWOK foundation not only blended into a smooth bridal perfection, but it was very easy to work with. The powders I used on top of it to finish off my look went on smooth with an air brushed finish.

The foundation pictured well and I received compliments on my makeup from my guests. It made me look flawless, natural (as natural as you can look in a full coverage foundation) and airbrushed, it also lasted all day with no caking or movement. I couldn’t have asked for more from a foundation. I felt so beautiful on my big day.

For all those brides, thinking of doing their own makeup or any makeup artist starting out or looking for a new foundation, this would be a great foundation to add to the kit. I have started building my kit with the TWOK foundation and I intended to purchase the entire range. Though most Clients want the ‘common’ brands, I prefer to introduce them to something new and affordable, so that if they wanted to use the foundation for themselves, it is something they can go an buy and it won’t break the bank.

I have since used this to do my sister in laws makeup ( on a number of occasions) and my cousins, both of whom have bought a set for themselves. I think this is a great every day foundation and I would recommend this to anyone.

Author: Unico MUA


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