Finding that right foundation especially for a woman of colour has proven to be the most difficult beauty/makeup quest, because there are only a handful of cosmetic/beauty brand that actually cater to the needs of a woman of Melanin rich colour, and this is where TWOK London flawless filter foundation comes in. Today we are going to be reviewing this product, and yes I have used this product for two weeks and I thought it might be beneficial to share my thoughts with you guys.

DISCLAIMER: ”This review as a whole are my personal thoughts based on usage and personal preferences, I seek to acknowledge the good, point out the obvious and identify the bad in the hopes that this would help any brand improve in their future developments”.

Brand Overview

TWOK which stands for  “The Woman Of Kolor” is a London-based cosmetics company, founded by a pharmacist in 2016. TWOK offers a wide range of products for women of colour, and honestly it is definitely nice to have a brand try to fill this gap that has been existing in the black beauty community.


Product packaging: Product comes in a sleek black case with the product details inscribed on it.

  • Bottle: Preserved in a Frosted Plastic bottle similar to the Lancome teint idole foundation.

(see picture comparison below).

The good thing about the bottling is that it has a luxurious feel and also a matte grip as opposed to a sleek slippery grip and also the bottle is made of plastic, so in the case of a slip it wouldn’t break [TESTED!!]

However, the frost-like bottling only makes it a lot more difficult in selecting shades, as this hides the true colour/shade of the foundation and as a woman of colour, selecting the right shade is already hard enough, especially when you cannot be shade matched. So it would be difficult to select a shade merely by looking at the bottle, you would either need to watch reviews, get a recommendation, or get shade matched.

  • Pump: Yes the foundation comes with a pump, so YES to that, this means you can have control over product usage, have a less messy and easier application, and most importantly knowledge of how many ‘pumps’ you would be needing in your routine.

Product weight: Product is really light weight (due to the plastic bottle as opposed to glass), this would ultimately be a great beauty travel buddy/companion.

Shade range: 10 shades (shade 50-210).

Content: 30ml/1fl. oz.

Consistency: Creamy consistency but super blend able, blends out like a dream.

Scent: Non offensive baby-like fragrance.

Coverage: Medium – Full coverage and build-able.

Product Finish: The foundation has a matte flawless finish with a velvety feel as claimed, and the colour doesn’t really oxidize so you are certain of getting the same shade/colour finish.

Longevity of product: The product claims to have a 12 hours wear time but so far I have only worn this for 8 hours without blotting (NOTE: I do have an extra dry skin and I had properly primed and set my face, so put these into consideration), however this may or may not vary depending on you skin type.

SPF: No indication of Sun protection factor in the product, so make sure you apply a primer with SPF or a sunscreen especially in this hot Nigerian weather to protect for skin.

Shelf Life: The product has a shelf life of 12 months, that is one year, which is more than enough time to fully consume all the product.

Skin reaction/irritation: None so far (According to the packaging it has been dermatologist tested and Allergens free).

Price: Product retails for between N7,500 and N8,000 (see stores below) in Nigeria and £16.99 in the U.K.

Where can i purchase this foundation?

Product can be purchased in Nigeria

Online from;

  1.  Girlyessentials   for N8,000
  2.   for N7,500

In store from;

  1.  Lolavita Beauty store, EBar Plaza, Lekki Phase 1
  2.  Cosoko Cosmetics. Shop A017 Akwa Ibom plaza bba trade fair Lagos.
  3.  Ability Cosmetics. Shop R2/515, Front line, Main Market,Onitsha Anambra State.
  4. Prince Mega. No 30 lkwere Road; Education Bishop, Port Harcourt.

Con: Tricky to select a foundation shade coupled with the product frosted plastic bottle hiding the actual true colour of the foundation shade.

Pros: Luxury packaging, super blend able formula, flawless finish, medium-full coverage, and a wide shade range.

Now the real question you would want to know is should I Purchase this? is it really worth it?

Asides from the difficulty in selecting a shade and no SPF, the foundation has a beautiful coverage and finish, with a luxury feel to it also, so YES, it is definitely a brand to try if you are thinking about it.

  1. Creating a primer that mixes well with formula of the foundation and most importantly SPF inclusive, to create a protective yet smooth skin base for the foundation.
  2. Another technique to help in shade selection especially here in Nigeria (maybe a true colour/shade sticker on the bottom of the of the bottle, free samples, shade matching/testing etc)

So loves that is all for this review, feel free to comment down below if you still have questions.

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